Surveillance UAVs

Vertical take-off and landing make the operation of fixed-wing much easier.

No environmental requirements and don’t need a complex auxiliary device for taking off and landing makes outdoor work more simple and convenient.

1. Carbon fiber and aviation aluminum. Light and tough.
2. The whole machine is foldable and convenient to transport.
3. Quickly released structure. Easy to maintain.
4. Easy to operate、easy to maintain、users are capable to drive the machine after 7-10days of training.
5. High safety. Double flight controller and GPS system, equipped with a parachute that can automatically be released. One key emergency return.
6. Automatically hover,6 level wind resistance.
7. Excellent black-box function,automatically records the flight data.
8. The drone can automatically finish the designed airlines.
9. Users can monitor the drone’s battery level, electric current, and voltage from the ground station. It also has a low battery alarm.
10. Can load different devices to satisfy your different requirements.
Remark: Because of the limit of export, our quotation doesn’t include the batteries and charger.

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